Wow! It happened again.


At first my sister, Samantha, and I were really confused. It happened this morning after mom ate her breakfast. She gets out her walker and puts her oxygen tank in the basket. Then she gets her iPad and headphones and puts them in the basket.

Samantha and I decide that this is a bad sign. Mom is going someplace. We just know that we will be left behind. We always stay home unless it is the evil vet or the mean groomers. Then mom gets out our leases. This can’t be good.

Mom puts the leases on us and grabs her walker. Then she starts walking toward the car. But wait, we walked right past it and started across the road. We were going for a walk! I couldn’t believe it. Neither could Sam. It has been months since we got to go for a walk. What a nice surprise!

Mom says that she is tired of just sitting around all day and doing nothing but playing on her iPad and eating non stop. We don’t like the iPad and think that we need to hide it. Mom spends too much time on the iPad and ignoring Samantha and me. Sam and I have barked about it several times. Even the pest Autumn is concerned and has tried to destroy it.

However, I like the eating part because mom shares her food with us. Not the real bad food like chocolate and grapes, but other food. But mom says no more all day binges.

Mom told Samantha and me that we were going to start walking everyday and the walks would get longer with time. Mom needs to get her strength back after being so sick last year. I am so excited. I will let you know if we continue to go for walks until it gets too hot.

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