Watch out for flying cell phones!

So, here I am sleeping on the love seat, minding my own business when a cell phone comes flying across the room. It almost hit me, missing me by just a couple inches. Naturally I got up and hid under the desk. I didn’t know that cell phones could fly. Or that they were dangerous.

I have seen pigs fly on television, but that was a commercial. Even then the pig was in an airplane. What is going on?

Mom says that it was her fault. She didn’t realize that I was there and she didn’t mean to scare me.

Mom has been going through a lot of stress lately. She is really worried about that thing called money. She says that she doesn’t have enough to pay all of the bills and she doesn’t know what to do.

I don’t know who these “bills” people are, but I think that they need to just leave my mom alone. She has went through enough lately. First there was the wicked cancer, then the blood clots, and the pneumonia. I think that the bills people should give her money instead of trying to take it away from her.

Anyway, mom says that she doesn’t think that she can take much more. I have been trying to think of ways that I can help her. I have been playing with Autumn more. I try to cuddle with her and look cute. The looking cute isn’t hard since I was born cute.

Mom says that things will work out. They always do. It just takes time. She has promised not to throw anything when she need to let off some steam. I’m not sure if I can trust her. We will see. Most people think that mom is mild mannered and strong. They think she is very brave when things go wrong. All I can say is watch out for flying cell phones.

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