We went for a walk!

I haven’t been able to post anything on my blog for awhile because I haven’t been able to get the iPad away from my mom. She is selfish that way.

Anyway, mom has been talking about now that the weather is cooler we should start doing the “w” word. I really wasn’t that excited because I didn’t know what she meant by the “w” word. It seemed silly to me.

Finally, mom went to the garage and got her walker to carry her oxygen. I was bored and yawned at her. Then she walked to the hall closet and got our leases. Now I understood. The “w” word means a walk! Both Samantha and I were so excited.

It was awkward at first trying to get out the door with the three is us and the walker, but we made it outside. Then we had to fight with Dein because he wanted to go with us. Cats are second class citizens and not allowed outside like dogs. I have explained that to him several times, but he never listens.

Once we got down to the sidewalk mom said we were only going for a short walk to the end of the block and back. Samantha and I know better. Mom’s Blood and Cancer doctor wants her to go for longer walks so we pulled as hard as possible dragging mom with us so she didn’t have a choice. We still didn’t walk as far as we used to walk but it was much longer then she planned.

We were all every tired by the time we got home. Sam and I had to pull the walker as well as our mom so we were exhausted. Now that we have finally got her started we will have to do the “w” word everyday.

Torturing Autumn


Now we all know that Autumn is a pest. She shreds all of the paper she can get her teeth on and spreads it all over the floor. She gets all of the attention because “she is so cute”. She steals everyone’s food. And she is always biting and chewing on poor Tristan. Not to mention her pulling on Tristan’s tail like they are playing tug-a-war.

Poor Tristan, he is my cousin and I feel so sorry for him. Tristan says that Autumn is still a puppy and we have to be patient with her. I don’t know if I agree. She has turned my life upside down and I think we should sent her back to the pet shop. We need our peaceful lives back.

However, when two grown up people people gang up on her and attack her with the evil doggie comb and brush it is too much! How could they be so cruel? She is so little that you can barely see her in her daddy’s arm. But she put up a good fight. She growled, barked, and snarled at her mom. Autumn even bit the brush. She was so brave. But I could hear her yelps and it made me so sad. I know what she was going through. I have went through it soooo many times myself. I don’t understand how people that are normally so nice can do such mean things.


Mom is home.

Mom is home and every one is so excited. Except for me. I am still mad and I plan on letting her know as soon as she walks in the door. She thinks that she can go all the way to someplace called Henderson and do fun things with her cousin Sherry while I am left behind. And I’m not suppose to get upset? No, I am mad. No happy dance, no cuddling, no kisses. It services her right!

Wait, wait a minute. What is in that white box? Is that a dogging bag? Is there food in it? Yes, yes I smell food.hey mom, if that is a doggie bag and I am a dog do I get to eat the food! Remember that I love you.

FOOD!!! I love my mom.

Tuna Fish!

Last night my Uncle Edward mixed Tuna Fish in with our food. We each have our own food because Samantha has to eat special food cause of her diabetes and Autumn gets puppy food. Anyway, it was sooooo good. I ate until I was stuffed, but Samantha had to finish mine. Silly Autumn didn’t eat hers. She just sit next to Samantha and ate the food that Samantha dropped. She is a puppy and doesn’t know better.

Anyway when mom comes home I need to tell her about the Tuna Fish. It is so much better then chicken broth. I love my Uncle Edward.

Mom has run away from home again.

Yep, it is shocking but true. Mom has run away from home again and left Samantha and me behind. I can’t believe it. Why does she keep doing this to us? I thought that she loved me. What is her problem?

It all started Monday. She bought her suitcase into the living room and started to pack her clothes. I did everything I could to stop her. I cuddled with her and gave her my best ” I love you” look. I gave her kisses and looked sad. That usually melts her heart and I can get her to do anything I want. Be cause I am just so cute. But nothing worked. She left me behind anyway. I am so hurt.

My cousin Tristan said his dad told him that mom had to get away from the stress for a few days. She is worried about something called money. I don’t know what money is but I think it is bad. As bad as the Vets and the mailman. I think it might be even worse. I know my mom has been crying a lot lately. Poor mom.

Please come home and I will make it all better. If mom had taken me with her I would have made her laugh. I’m good that way. I can’t help it I’m just too cute. I know cause my mom told me.

Low fat, low sodium, chicken broth.

My mom has discovered something new. It is called low fat, low sodium chicken broth. I think that is a funny name. Mom heats it up in the microwave and adds it to our food. It is sooo good. I wonder why it wasn’t invented earlier. The person that invented it is a genius!

Wait! What? This isn’t new? You have known about this for years and just now started to use it in our food. Mom, what were you thinking?

Nope, absolutely not, never!

One of the big changes since poor Samantha became diabetic is the fact that she can’t eat any time she wants. She only gets two meals a day. That means that I only get to eat two meals a day. Mom says that it is only fair. I don’t agree.

If my mom thinks that I am going to eat when she wants me to she needs to think again. Nope. I won’t do it. Absolutely not. Never!

Wait! What are you doing with my bowl? Well, maybe I will eat a little bit,

A new cousin


I have a new cousin. Her name is Autumn and she is Tristan’s little sister. She is cute and very, very active. In fact Autumn has played with all of us, including my big sister Samantha.

I think that I like the new puppy, but she had better stay away from my mom or I will get jealous.

Poor Samantha.

I don’t know what is going on with my people. She is getting meaner everyday. Today she took my big sister to the vet’s again. Wasn’t Friday bad enough?

Samantha says that Aunt Kat went inside “that room” with mom. The vet showed them how to give Samantha a shot under her skin. They are going to do it twice a day, every day for the rest of her life. That is so mean. I growled.

Mom says that Samantha has something called diabetics and has to have medicine called insulin. That is why she has to have shots. I watched as mom gave her a shot. Samantha was so brave.

Samantha has to be on a special diet which means that my cousin Tristan and I have to be on a special diet. No more doggy treats but we can have veggies. Mom says that we can have all the cucumber that we want. I like cucumbers so that is alright I guess.

Mom says that Samantha has cataracts and that she is going to be blind soon. That means she can’t see anything. I am so sad cause I love Sam.

When I am mad at mom I call her my people and I was so mad when mom and Sam came home. However, Samantha told me that mom cried when the vet told mom that Samantha was diabetic and would go blind. Mom loves us very much. We are so lucky.

I am so mad!

Okay, I am so mad I could just howl! I am mad at my people. I did not know she could be so cruel. Friday she took my big sister, Samantha and me to the vets.

When we got there we had to wait in the waiting room for what seemed like hours. I begged my people to takes us home before it was too late. I trembled and I whimpered. I was so scared. Even Samantha asked our people to take us home. But did she listen? No, she just kept telling us that it would be alright.

Finally, they took us all back to a little room. Then the horror began. I was lifted on to a metal table and the vet’s assistant started to prod and poke me. Then she took this little stick and pushed it into, will you can guess, I am too embarrassed to tell anyone. But all the time my people held me down.

Next, the vet came in and started to do things to me. She looked into my mouth and checked my ears then she had someone take me into the back room. That is where the real torture began. They gave me several shots. Then they pulled the hairs from my ears and cleaned them. That hurt. Next they put some drops in my ears to make me feel better. Like that would ever happen.

After they finished torturing me they started on poor Samantha. They even took lots of her blood by sticking a needle into her. Then they cleaned her ears and put drops into her ears. By this time I was back in the little room with my people and Uncle Ed. My people picked me up and I snorted at her several times to let her know how upset I was. I could still hear poor Samantha crying. I couldn’t stand it anymore and crawled into my Uncle Ed’s arms with my back to my people to let her know how mad I was. My people just laughed. She is so heartless.

The vet finally brought Samantha back and we got to leave. When we got to the car both Sam and I got in the back seat. We were too mad to sit with our people.

When we got home I crawled behind the couch. I didn’t want to have anything to do with my people. I don’t think I will ever forgive her. Oh wait. Did someone say something about a treat?