It is cold and dreary outside.

It is dark, cold and dreary outside. Yesterday it rained. Late in the night it started to really pour. My cousin Tristan said that parts of Vegas even got snow! He was disappointed that it didn’t snow at our house.

My Uncle Edward took Tristan with him to pick up a table saw. I don’t know what that is, but it sounds scary. While they were out Tristan saw snow on the mountains. Tristan tried to talk Uncle Edward into taking him to the mountains, but he said no.

Tristan loves the snow but I hate it! When I was little I lived where it snowed all the time during the winter. I never got to go inside when it rained or snowed. I had to sleep under a stair step for protection. It was a nightmare. I don’t think that my people that I lived with then meant to be mean. They just didn’t think and they didn’t know better.

Anyway things got better. I live in a warm house and have comfortable furniture to sleep on all day. I get treats all the time. Sometimes just because my mom wants to. I am one of the lucky ones.

Last night when it was raining really bad mom said it was raining cats and dogs. That is just silly. How can it rain cats and dogs. We aren’t water. BOL. but then I got thinking about how it was raining and snowing on cats and dogs. Please remember that just because we have fur coats we still get too hot or too cold.

Remember to let us inside when the weather gets bad. We depend on you for our safety.

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