I hate Vets

´╗┐´╗┐Once again I am laying on the couch trying to relax. The next thing I know mom is picking me up and putting on my lease. I am so excited! We are going for a walk! But she doesn’t put a lease on Samamtha. I am confused since Samantha always goes on walks with me.

The next thing I know we are in the car and driving down the street. This can’t be a good sign. I start to shake and crawl onto my mom’s lap. I try giving her kisses and asking her to take me back home. I told her that I would be good. I am scared. 

After a few minutes in the car we turn into a parking lot. Yelp! I was right! We are at the evil Vet’s place. We go inside and sit down to wait. I try so hard to make my mom take me home. I don’t want to be there, please don’t make me see the Vet. I shake and shake.

There is a really nice dog there in the waiting room too. She looks a lot like my sister Samantha. I want to go and say hi but I am shaking so hard. The other dog, her name is Mitsy, is just as scared and hiding under a chair.

Finally, I go into the room of torture. First they put me on a scale to see how much I weight. That isn’t too bad. Then the assistant checks my mouth. I tried to bite her but my mom won’t let me. Mom says I have to be good. This person has her hand in my mouth and “I” have to be good?  Something is wrong here.

I am too embarrassed to tell you what happened next. They have this cold glass stick that they put some gooey stuff on and they …. No never mind. It is too awful to talk about.

After that happens I think that the worst is over and I can go home now. But no it gets even worse. The Vet comes in and takes me to the secret room. The things that they do to dogs and cats are so bad that their people aren’t allowed back there. Oh, it is just wicked. The Vet stuck something in my ears so she could see inside my ears. I asked her to stop because they hurt so badly. Then she put some medicine in both my ears and gave me a shot. Yep you can guess where I got the shot.

Finally the evil Vet took me back to my mom. So we could go home. But my mom had to give them some money for all the cruel things they did to me. I can’t believe it but at least the nightmare is over and we can go home.

As we start to walk out the door the receptionist says that they will see me next week. Wait! What! I have to come back next week? I don’t think so. If I hide under the bed they will never find me.

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