I am learning to play!



I am learning to play! Autumn is teaching me. I really haven’t played very much before Autumn came to live with us. I never really understood playing.

When I was little I lived with a family that didn’t understand puppies. I lived outside all the time. Even in the rain and the snow. No one ever played with me so I never learned to play it was a very sad life.

Then things got better. I went to live with my Aunt Kat and Uncle Edward. I got to stay in the house and my new family would give me loves and try to cuddle with me. I didn’t cuddle very much but it was nice. I got lots of food to eat and special treats. I was loved! It was wonderful.

I had two other dogs to play with. My cousins Tristan and Angel. Angel didn’t know how to play either. She had a sad life before she was adopted as well. Tristan was really little when he was adopted and he loved to play. He played with our cats all the time.

When Uncle Ed and Aunt Kat moved back to Vegas we moved in with my mom and my new sister Samantha. Life was perfect. It took me almost a year to convince my mom that she was my people. But she finally realized that I was right, I was her dog. We would cuddle for hours and I was in heaven.

Tristan and Samantha would play with each other, and our cousin Meghan would join in the play. I still didn’t understand what they were doing so I would try to stop them. I thought that they would get in trouble. Mom kept telling me that it was alright. They were just playing. Mom didn’t understand.

Then Autumn came to live with us! Now we all know that Autumn is a pest. She gets into everything. She shreds paper and messes up the house. She gets into everything. She even wants to cuddle with my mom.

Autumn loves to play. She will play with all of the dogs and cats. If she can’t get anyone to play with her she will play by herself. I panicked. I tried every thing that I could to make them stop. I would growl and snarl. They would get in trouble. I know these things. I would snap and chase them.

Autumn thought that I was playing and she would join in. Slowly I stopped fighting it and started to play too. I still don’t play very much, but more then I ever did before. I think that I like playing. It is fun.

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