This is a photo of Iris watching Bella as Bella sleeps.

Iris the cat and our blog star Bella

She’s still watching me isn’t she?

Bella is one of the few Tasmanian Yorkies known to exist.  Her personality is that of the standard Yorkshire Terrier until something sets her off and then she goes into Tasmanian mode.  Most people see her as a quite lovable animal, never realizing the dangers that lie within.

Bella started out life as a neglected and abused family pet.  When she was rescued she was wearing a shirt that was several sizes to small and had to be cut off.  Though she loved the people who rescued her, she knew that out there somewhere was the perfect owner, so she waited until one day she found that one person that was just right for her.  It didn’t matter that her soul mate already had another dog (Samantha or Sam the Dog) and two cats (Iris and Patches) or that person did not want another pet.  Bella had found her true love and slowly but surely wormed her way into Linda’s heart.  Finally after many months she had her eternal family and home.

This is Bella’s page where she will share her experiences, frustrations, and whatnot.  At times members of her family and extended family will be invited to join her as Guest Bloggers.  They hope that you will get to know and enjoy everyone of them.