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I have my own little boys!

I have my very own little boys to play with. They have been living with us for a little more than a month with their mommy and daddy, my cousins Ben and Marie. When they came to stay with us is when life started to get better for me.

The littlest one is still a people puppy. Mom says they are called babies. Whatever mom. Anyway he is almost 10 months old. He wants to cuddle with my mom all the time. Then there is Chris and Norlin. They are 4 and 3 years old. They are my bestest friends forever. I don’t want them to leave ever.

Chris and Norlin like to do special things for me. They play with me and give me kisses. They like to sneak food to me when they are eating. They have to be very careful that none of the big people see them because they could get into trouble. But they still take a chance anyway. That is how much they love me. 

We like to go out into the back yard and play. That is the best. We like to run around and play with toys. And we love to dig holes looking for dinosaur bones. Norlin thinks that there is a T-Rex buried in our back yard. I think that he is right cause he and Chris are very smart for their age. Mommy says so. Can you imagine how big the bones will be when we dig them up. My mouth is drooling.

I am the luckiest dog in the world


Wow, it has been a long time since I have posted anything. I have been going through a rough time and didn’t feel like writing. It just seemed like my mom had time for everyone but me. Especially the cats. Those cats are the enemy and should be ignored at all times. Yet mom is always cuddling with one or more of them. What is her problem?


It started last summer. Autumn and Tristan took Aunt Kat (the only good cat) and Uncle Edward to Utah so Aunt Kat could spend some time with her bestest friend. That left just mom to take care of all the cats as well as Samantha and me. At first she fought it and wouldn’t let the cats climb on her. Mom said that there were too many of them and she couldn’t handle taking care of everyone. I agreed and suggested that mom take them someplace to stay. I said that the animal shelter seemed like a good idea. Mom said to not be silly. I didn’t think it was silly.

After a couple weeks Tristan brought his dad home and things got better. The cats started to cuddle with their people and my sister Samantha and I got our mom back. Life was good again. But, sadly it didn’t last. Uncle Ed and Tristan had to go back to Utah to pick up Autumn and Aunt Kat. They were gone for a couple more weeks and I lost my mom again. I started to get angry. Stupid, stupid cats. Leave my mom alone! I started to growl at the cats. She is my people not yours.

When Tristan and Autumn finally brought both their people home I was so relieved. Mom had started to get cranky and cried a lot. She even snapped at me. ME! I am cute and everyone loves me. I was the one that took care of her when she was so sick with the cancer. I would sleep in her arms forever with no thought to my needs. Now that everyone was home things would get better.

However, a couple weeks later Uncle Ed started packing up the SUV again. Tristan said they were going camping at someplace called California and then Oreagon. They were going to be gone for at least a month. This made my mom very sad. She didn’t want them to go away again. So she got cranky. She would snap at the cats, but that was okay by me because they are cats. She would cry a lot and yell at me and Samantha. I was hurt so I got really angry and started growling and snapping at mom and the other animals. After all I had to keep the cats away from my mom. It was a very sad time.

Things have started to get better and better. Mom isn’t cranky anymore. We have lots of people to play with. I have two little boys of my very own. Actually three, but one is still a baby. Autumn thinks they are hers but I know better. I will tell you all about them later. And today mom took me for a long walk. 🐻


Welcome to Bella’s page.  Bella is one of the rare Tasmanian Yorkies, A full blooded Yorkie with a little bit of Tasmanian Devil thrown in to add to her wonderful character.

I started this blog for my sister who is fighting cancer, as a form of therapy for her.  Linda has just undergone her second cancer surgery and is currently recovering in the Hospital.  She should start blogging in a few days.  Most of the blog post will be from Bella, though other family and extended family members may be invited from time to time.

Sit down, hold, on, and prepare for the ride of your life.