Monthly Archives: March 2015

Who is Bobbie?

My mom has been talking about someone or something called Bobbie for a couple of weeks now. She said that she wanted a medium Bobbie cause it is so big. It would last at least two days.

 This doesn’t make sense. How can it be big and medium too? Does mom go around asking medium size people if their name is Bobbie. Does she then ask the person if he or she wants to visit us for a couple of days? If she finds a smaller person named Bobbie is he/she only welcome to our house for one day? Why should the size matter? Why does the person have to be named Bobbie. This isn’t like mom at all.

Today the mystery was finally solved. Mom came home after running some errands and she had a large bag with her. Just as mom got to where we were sitting waiting to greet her the bag ripped and out came this great big sandwich. It fell right next to my cousin Tristan’s feet. You could tell that he thought the sandwich was just for him. He got this big smile on his face. BOL I had to tell him that the sandwich was for all of us.

Mom picked up the sandwich and told us it was her Bobbie. It was wrapped up really well so she didn’t have to worry about germs. What are germs? But mom said she would share a little bit with all of us. That is one of the many things I love about my mom. She always shares unless it is chocolate or something else that is bad for dogs.

When mom unwrapped the sandwich it smelled just like Thanksgiving. Fresh turkey, stuffing, and cranberries. Tristan was upset so he went to the other side of the room and looked sad. He said people shouldn’t give you something and then take it away. If that is the way mom was going to be then he didn’t want any. Not even a small taste. Anyway, how could he eat if his daddy wasn’t home.

However, when mom gaves us a taste Tristan was right there for his share. Bobbies are pawsome. The best part is that there is still half of a Bobbie in the refrigerator for tomorrow. Life is good.

Happy Birthday mom.