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I hate Vets

´╗┐´╗┐Once again I am laying on the couch trying to relax. The next thing I know mom is picking me up and putting on my lease. I am so excited! We are going for a walk! But she doesn’t put a lease on Samamtha. I am confused since Samantha always goes on walks with me.

The next thing I know we are in the car and driving down the street. This can’t be a good sign. I start to shake and crawl onto my mom’s lap. I try giving her kisses and asking her to take me back home. I told her that I would be good. I am scared. 

After a few minutes in the car we turn into a parking lot. Yelp! I was right! We are at the evil Vet’s place. We go inside and sit down to wait. I try so hard to make my mom take me home. I don’t want to be there, please don’t make me see the Vet. I shake and shake.

There is a really nice dog there in the waiting room too. She looks a lot like my sister Samantha. I want to go and say hi but I am shaking so hard. The other dog, her name is Mitsy, is just as scared and hiding under a chair.

Finally, I go into the room of torture. First they put me on a scale to see how much I weight. That isn’t too bad. Then the assistant checks my mouth. I tried to bite her but my mom won’t let me. Mom says I have to be good. This person has her hand in my mouth and “I” have to be good?  Something is wrong here.

I am too embarrassed to tell you what happened next. They have this cold glass stick that they put some gooey stuff on and they …. No never mind. It is too awful to talk about.

After that happens I think that the worst is over and I can go home now. But no it gets even worse. The Vet comes in and takes me to the secret room. The things that they do to dogs and cats are so bad that their people aren’t allowed back there. Oh, it is just wicked. The Vet stuck something in my ears so she could see inside my ears. I asked her to stop because they hurt so badly. Then she put some medicine in both my ears and gave me a shot. Yep you can guess where I got the shot.

Finally the evil Vet took me back to my mom. So we could go home. But my mom had to give them some money for all the cruel things they did to me. I can’t believe it but at least the nightmare is over and we can go home.

As we start to walk out the door the receptionist says that they will see me next week. Wait! What! I have to come back next week? I don’t think so. If I hide under the bed they will never find me.

It is cold and dreary outside.

It is dark, cold and dreary outside. Yesterday it rained. Late in the night it started to really pour. My cousin Tristan said that parts of Vegas even got snow! He was disappointed that it didn’t snow at our house.

My Uncle Edward took Tristan with him to pick up a table saw. I don’t know what that is, but it sounds scary. While they were out Tristan saw snow on the mountains. Tristan tried to talk Uncle Edward into taking him to the mountains, but he said no.

Tristan loves the snow but I hate it! When I was little I lived where it snowed all the time during the winter. I never got to go inside when it rained or snowed. I had to sleep under a stair step for protection. It was a nightmare. I don’t think that my people that I lived with then meant to be mean. They just didn’t think and they didn’t know better.

Anyway things got better. I live in a warm house and have comfortable furniture to sleep on all day. I get treats all the time. Sometimes just because my mom wants to. I am one of the lucky ones.

Last night when it was raining really bad mom said it was raining cats and dogs. That is just silly. How can it rain cats and dogs. We aren’t water. BOL. but then I got thinking about how it was raining and snowing on cats and dogs. Please remember that just because we have fur coats we still get too hot or too cold.

Remember to let us inside when the weather gets bad. We depend on you for our safety.

Watch out for flying cell phones!

So, here I am sleeping on the love seat, minding my own business when a cell phone comes flying across the room. It almost hit me, missing me by just a couple inches. Naturally I got up and hid under the desk. I didn’t know that cell phones could fly. Or that they were dangerous.

I have seen pigs fly on television, but that was a commercial. Even then the pig was in an airplane. What is going on?

Mom says that it was her fault. She didn’t realize that I was there and she didn’t mean to scare me.

Mom has been going through a lot of stress lately. She is really worried about that thing called money. She says that she doesn’t have enough to pay all of the bills and she doesn’t know what to do.

I don’t know who these “bills” people are, but I think that they need to just leave my mom alone. She has went through enough lately. First there was the wicked cancer, then the blood clots, and the pneumonia. I think that the bills people should give her money instead of trying to take it away from her.

Anyway, mom says that she doesn’t think that she can take much more. I have been trying to think of ways that I can help her. I have been playing with Autumn more. I try to cuddle with her and look cute. The looking cute isn’t hard since I was born cute.

Mom says that things will work out. They always do. It just takes time. She has promised not to throw anything when she need to let off some steam. I’m not sure if I can trust her. We will see. Most people think that mom is mild mannered and strong. They think she is very brave when things go wrong. All I can say is watch out for flying cell phones.

Wow! It happened again.


At first my sister, Samantha, and I were really confused. It happened this morning after mom ate her breakfast. She gets out her walker and puts her oxygen tank in the basket. Then she gets her iPad and headphones and puts them in the basket.

Samantha and I decide that this is a bad sign. Mom is going someplace. We just know that we will be left behind. We always stay home unless it is the evil vet or the mean groomers. Then mom gets out our leases. This can’t be good.

Mom puts the leases on us and grabs her walker. Then she starts walking toward the car. But wait, we walked right past it and started across the road. We were going for a walk! I couldn’t believe it. Neither could Sam. It has been months since we got to go for a walk. What a nice surprise!

Mom says that she is tired of just sitting around all day and doing nothing but playing on her iPad and eating non stop. We don’t like the iPad and think that we need to hide it. Mom spends too much time on the iPad and ignoring Samantha and me. Sam and I have barked about it several times. Even the pest Autumn is concerned and has tried to destroy it.

However, I like the eating part because mom shares her food with us. Not the real bad food like chocolate and grapes, but other food. But mom says no more all day binges.

Mom told Samantha and me that we were going to start walking everyday and the walks would get longer with time. Mom needs to get her strength back after being so sick last year. I am so excited. I will let you know if we continue to go for walks until it gets too hot.

I am learning to play!



I am learning to play! Autumn is teaching me. I really haven’t played very much before Autumn came to live with us. I never really understood playing.

When I was little I lived with a family that didn’t understand puppies. I lived outside all the time. Even in the rain and the snow. No one ever played with me so I never learned to play it was a very sad life.

Then things got better. I went to live with my Aunt Kat and Uncle Edward. I got to stay in the house and my new family would give me loves and try to cuddle with me. I didn’t cuddle very much but it was nice. I got lots of food to eat and special treats. I was loved! It was wonderful.

I had two other dogs to play with. My cousins Tristan and Angel. Angel didn’t know how to play either. She had a sad life before she was adopted as well. Tristan was really little when he was adopted and he loved to play. He played with our cats all the time.

When Uncle Ed and Aunt Kat moved back to Vegas we moved in with my mom and my new sister Samantha. Life was perfect. It took me almost a year to convince my mom that she was my people. But she finally realized that I was right, I was her dog. We would cuddle for hours and I was in heaven.

Tristan and Samantha would play with each other, and our cousin Meghan would join in the play. I still didn’t understand what they were doing so I would try to stop them. I thought that they would get in trouble. Mom kept telling me that it was alright. They were just playing. Mom didn’t understand.

Then Autumn came to live with us! Now we all know that Autumn is a pest. She gets into everything. She shreds paper and messes up the house. She gets into everything. She even wants to cuddle with my mom.

Autumn loves to play. She will play with all of the dogs and cats. If she can’t get anyone to play with her she will play by herself. I panicked. I tried every thing that I could to make them stop. I would growl and snarl. They would get in trouble. I know these things. I would snap and chase them.

Autumn thought that I was playing and she would join in. Slowly I stopped fighting it and started to play too. I still don’t play very much, but more then I ever did before. I think that I like playing. It is fun.

Why does this keep happening?

I just got groomed again. It has been so long since the last time I was groomed. I thought that mom had forgotten about the groomers.

Now we all know how I feel about getting groomed. The only ones worse then the groomer is the Nasty Vet and the Evil Mailman. My cousin Tristan and I have barked about them numerous times. Someone needs to do something soon.

However, I am secretly glad that we got groomed. (Please don’t tell anyone that I said this). The fact is that it has been soooo long since I have been groomed that I was a complete mess. My hair was so long over my eyes that I had a hard time seeing even the things in front of me. If it wasn’t for my nose working so well I might have starved to death. My hair was long all over my body and tail. I would get twigs and leaves stuck in my hair all the time. When I had to go outside to do my business it was hard to keep clean. I was so embarrassed! I didn’t want anyone to see me in this condition.

I can’t blame my mom. She was doing her best. It is just that with her not working right now she doesn’t have the money. I think that money is evil. It makes my mom cry. Anyway my mom tries. She has tried to give me a bath, but I got mad. When I am mad watch out. I growl and snarl, I bite, and I scratch. Aunt Kat tried to brush my hair and cut it over my eyes so I could see better. I bit her. She should know better.

After I got groomed I felt so much better. I don’t mean to brag, but I looked so cute. My mommy said so when she picked me up. (You can see from my picture). All the way home I stood in her arms so that people could see me through the window. Mom says I’m vain. I don’t know what means, but if it means that I am cute she is right.