Monthly Archives: November 2014

Autumn is a pest


I looked it up in the dictionary. It says that a pest in an annoying or troublesome person, animal or thing. That is Autumn all the way. She is into everything. She shreds papers, gets into the liter box, chases the cats (will cats are a pest too so that doesn’t matter) eats my food, tries to cuddle with my mom, and makes poor Tristan play all the tiime. Tristan is brave and pretends that he likes it but I know better. I am glad that I don’t have a little sister.

The real problem is that my mom thinks that everything that she does is soooo cute so she never gets into trouble. How is she ever going to learn how to behave? It is a problem. Autumn will find a letter and start to shred it into pieces and mom laughs. If I were to tear up a letter I would be in trouble. She gets into the garbage and again it is funny. I get into the garbage and I am being bad. She steals our treats from right underneath our mouths and she is adorable. If I steal someone’s treats I am mean.

Autumn tries to cuddle with my mom. She is my mom and I do not want to share her so I try to explain that to Autumn in a forceful manner so that she will understand it is not allowed. But she will continue to cuddle with mom until I snap. Does Autumn get into trouble? Oh no, I am the one that gets scolded.

She runs all over the house at full speed and she doesn’t care who she runs over. No one is safe. She drags out all of the toys and messes up the house so her mom has to clean it all up. She pulls poor Tristan’s tail or pulls his ears. No one tells her that she is bad or to stop what she is doing. This morning my mom was cold so she put on a blanket to keep warm. Autumn started to play tug a war with a corner of the blanket. That is very bad behavior. I went to tell her to stop and I saw that mom was watching her so I tried to get my mom to stop her. But again mom thought it was cute. When Autumn grows up will the doggie police come and arrest her for being bad? I am worried.

We went for a walk!

I haven’t been able to post anything on my blog for awhile because I haven’t been able to get the iPad away from my mom. She is selfish that way.

Anyway, mom has been talking about now that the weather is cooler we should start doing the “w” word. I really wasn’t that excited because I didn’t know what she meant by the “w” word. It seemed silly to me.

Finally, mom went to the garage and got her walker to carry her oxygen. I was bored and yawned at her. Then she walked to the hall closet and got our leases. Now I understood. The “w” word means a walk! Both Samantha and I were so excited.

It was awkward at first trying to get out the door with the three is us and the walker, but we made it outside. Then we had to fight with Dein because he wanted to go with us. Cats are second class citizens and not allowed outside like dogs. I have explained that to him several times, but he never listens.

Once we got down to the sidewalk mom said we were only going for a short walk to the end of the block and back. Samantha and I know better. Mom’s Blood and Cancer doctor wants her to go for longer walks so we pulled as hard as possible dragging mom with us so she didn’t have a choice. We still didn’t walk as far as we used to walk but it was much longer then she planned.

We were all every tired by the time we got home. Sam and I had to pull the walker as well as our mom so we were exhausted. Now that we have finally got her started we will have to do the “w” word everyday.