Monthly Archives: October 2014

Torturing Autumn


Now we all know that Autumn is a pest. She shreds all of the paper she can get her teeth on and spreads it all over the floor. She gets all of the attention because “she is so cute”. She steals everyone’s food. And she is always biting and chewing on poor Tristan. Not to mention her pulling on Tristan’s tail like they are playing tug-a-war.

Poor Tristan, he is my cousin and I feel so sorry for him. Tristan says that Autumn is still a puppy and we have to be patient with her. I don’t know if I agree. She has turned my life upside down and I think we should sent her back to the pet shop. We need our peaceful lives back.

However, when two grown up people people gang up on her and attack her with the evil doggie comb and brush it is too much! How could they be so cruel? She is so little that you can barely see her in her daddy’s arm. But she put up a good fight. She growled, barked, and snarled at her mom. Autumn even bit the brush. She was so brave. But I could hear her yelps and it made me so sad. I know what she was going through. I have went through it soooo many times myself. I don’t understand how people that are normally so nice can do such mean things.