Monthly Archives: December 2013

It was a nightmare.

It took several days for me to recover from the shock. It happened last Wednesday and I still haven’t completely recovered.

Now I love my Aunt Kat. She is usually so sweet and loving. And I am used to her cleaning attacks since they are usually during the night and harmless. Sometimes she cleans during the day and chases us with something called a vacuum and a carpet shampooer. Sure they are scary but we are use to them and can hide.

But last Wednesday Aunt Kat decided that she needed to groom my cousins. No one was safe! She started with Tristan. First she brushed him and I tried to ignore it but it was hard. Then she put poor Tristan in the sink and started to give him a bath. Covering him with water and shampoo. Then more water to wash the shampoo off. What a nightmare. Poor, poor Tristan.

I did my best to stop Aunt Kat and save Tristan. I went into the kitchen and started to tell her to stop. I growled and growled but it took forever to get het to stop. When she finally did I chased her into her bedroom. I thought that she had finally got the idea and the nightmare was over so I went to cuddle with my mom.

I was so wrong. Pretty soon Aunt Kat came into the living room and picked up Angel. Aunt Kat had a large sack of items to torture dogs and she took out a brush and comb. Poor Angel! My cousin Angel is getting older and doesn’t need to be mistreated. I immediately jumped down and ran to the rescue. Again I started growling and try to get Aunt Kat to stop. She won’t listen to me but just laughed and continued brushing Angel.

Finally, she stopped and I thought the nightmare was over. But no, it just got worse. She decided to cut Angels nails. At this point she made Uncle Ed to help hold Angel down so she couldn’t escape. Angel started to cry and I growled even louder. They hurt her so badly that she cried. Finally she couldn’t take it any more and she went to the bathroom all over Aunt Kat and Uncle Ed. They deserved it.

At this point I couldn’t take any more and made my mom take me to our bedroom. I could still hear everything and knew that they were giving Angel a bath.

I cuddled with my mom and pleaded with her to make them stop. I explained to mom that I saw terrible things like this every 6-8 weeks when she took me to the groomers. It is awful. No dog should have to go through this.

Finally things started to quiet down. I knew that my sister Samantha and I were save because we had just got groomed so I thought it was over now for sure. The nightmare was over. Then Aunt Kat came in our bedroom and says to our cousin Meghan ” How would you like me to comb your hair?” Someone has to stop her.

We need to ban theIPad!

Okay, I am so mad right now! I don’t know who invented the IPad, but he/she should be ashamed. All that my mom does is play with the Ipad. She is either reading a book, playing games, on something called Facebook, or on the internet. All the time that she is on the IPad she could be giving me a love and getting me treats. She needs to get her priorities straight.

Take today for instance. The first thing this morning and she was on the IPad looking up the time and location for a movie. This of course would take her away from me for several hours. After that she started doing other things on the IPad. I kept telling her that she had to stop. But she won’t listen. Finally she said that when she got home from the movie she would spend the rest of the day with me.

Well, she was gone for almost 4 hours. I spent the whole time waiting for her to come home. I was so excited. But when she got home did she cuddle with me and give me her undivided attention? No of course not. What did she do? Right back on the internet. She said it was important and would only take a few minutes. The few minutes turned into a couple hours.

I finally told her that she had to put the IPad down and spend some time with me. In fact, I had to get firm with her and told her no more technically toys for the rest of the day. She finally put it down and spent a couple hours with me.

It is just sad. The other day mom came home from the store with something called a cat toy. I even caught her in our bedroom playing with Iris the cat. Mom even said that Iris is cute. I don’t understand. I am the cute one. Mom is suppose to love me best. I am worried.

Oh, wait a minute. If we didn’t have the IPad I wouldn’t be able to post on my blog. I guess they aren’t so bad after all, but I think my mom should go to rehab for her addition.

My people is evil

It has been months since I was able to post anything. My people is selfish with her iPad. She isn’t feeling good right now so she doesn’t feel like doing anything. I have custody of the iPad. Mom says she is achy all over and has an upset tummy. I think it serves her right. I have had a terrible day and it is her fault.

It started on Wednesday. All of a sudden out of the blue mom asks my big sister Samantha and me if we want to get our hair done. Now I have complained about this before. Many times in fact. She should know the answer without asking. Now I love Samantha and she is usually very smart, but she loves going to the groomers. I worry about her since she is getting older. But I DO NOT LIKE THE GROOMERS! I don’t know how many times I have to tell her this before she understands. Why does she even ask me?

Anyway we got up early and went outside to do our thing. I wasn’t worried at this point since mom can’t drive Uncle Ed’s SUV ( it is too big for her ) and Uncle Ed was asleep. I thought I was safe. But then Uncle Ed got up and pretty soon we were on our way.

We were there for several hours getting tortured. Have a bath, then getting dried off, and the very cruelest getting our hair brushed. I hate all off this, but getting my hair combed is the worst. I growl and snapped and scratch fighting for my life. The evil groomers just laugh a call me the Tazmanian devil. It isn’t funny!

Finally they called my mom to let her know that she could come and rescue us. However mom was taking a nap and didn’t hear the phone ringing. It took an hour and a half for her to come pick us up. I was scared that she was going to leave us there forever. But she finally showed up.

Then on the way home she put me in the back seat with the other dogs. Everyone knows that I belong on her lap. Mom knows this so what was her problem? Anyway I started to cry and whine so mom would realize her mistake. But did she move me to the front seat? No. She started to laugh at me. Now I ask you who laughs at someone when they are crying? Then she laughed and told Uncle Ed that I sounded like a cat. That was the last draw. I have never been so insulted in my life!!!

Finally Uncle Ed took pity on me and when we dropped my cousin Kerwyn off at her home he reached back and rescued me. I got to ride in my mom’s lap for the last few minutes.

Then when we finally got home Uncle Ed and Aunt Kat were talking about grooming my cousins Angel and Tristan. See what you started mom. The madness has to stop!