Monthly Archives: September 2013

What did he do to my people?

I am so confused and worried. My mom came home a little early Friday and I was so excited. We were cuddling and having a good time. Mom said that the next day was Saturday so we could cuddle all day. I love Saturdays so I was happy and life was good.

Then my mom got a phone call from her people vet and mom said she had to leave. Anyway she and Uncle Edward and Aunt Kat all got in the car and left us behind. They were gone for several hours and when they came back my mom wasn’t with them. So what did Uncle Edward do with her?

Uncle Edward says that mom is in the hospital. I know about hospitals. They are full of people vets and people vets are evil. Mom has went to the hospital before and each time she has come home she has had a terrible sore. Hospitals are terrible places where the people vets torture people. I think that all hospitals should be closed down and all people vets should be arrested! This evil has to stop!

Uncle Edward say that my mom has something called a blood clot in her neck and it has to be dissolved cause it is dangerous. Then the people vets have to make her blood thinner with medication. He says that they are not going to cut her up this time. I don’t know if I can trust him. How can he let this happen to his own sister?

I am mad, really mad! And I have made sure that he knows it. I have followed him around since
Friday night glaring at him and growling. Telling him that he needs to bring her home. NOW! If he doesn’t bring her home pretty soon he is going to be sorry. That is all I am going to say about that.