Monthly Archives: May 2013

I am very mad!

Okay, I have had it with my people! I am so mad I will not even cuddle with her. I am under the desk ignoring her. She needs to change her habits quickly.

Why am I so mad you ask. I will tell you. What is today? It is Saturday. SATURDAY! That is the day my people is suppose to stay home and cuddle with me, but did she? Oh no. She left me not once, not twice, not three times. She left me four times today.

First she went to the place where they takes some of her blood. She said that the people vet made her do it. I think she should stop listening to people vets. As I have pointed out before people vets are mean.

The second time she left me it was so she could go to the bank and cash a check. Then she went to the store a picked up some pills. The people vet says she needs to take them. She did pick up some doggie treats so I almost forgave her.

Then less than an hour later she leaves me again. This time she went to lunch with her sisters and brother and Auntie Kat. I could have forgiven her for leaving that time, but she didn’t give me a treat or anything. Why would a people go out to lunch if it wasn’t to bring home a doggie bag?

Then about an hour ago she went to the store again. No treats for me.

So I am mad and I am never going to forgive her, ever. Oh wait she is fixing dinner! I guess I can give her one more chance.

Mom and special days

My people told me today that in a week and a half there will be a holiday. She will get an extra day off and she will spend the whole day with me. I don’t believe her, I know better. She doesn’t mean to lie. She really believes she will be home all day, but something will happen and she will leave me.

Last week she took an extra day off to spend with me. Then in the morning she went to breakfast with Uncle Edward. That was okay because she brought us a treat. Then in the afternoon she took Aunt Cora and my cousin Kerwyn to the vets. She was gone for a couple hours.

This Saturday she has to go someplace so they can take some of her blood to see how thin it is. She does this every couple of weeks. I don’t know why. She worries me a lot. She says her doctor ( that’s a people vet and they are evil ) makes her do it. Poor mom.

Yesterday she had to go to a different people’s vet for a check up for her cancer. It is still all gone. Anyway she got home early and we cuddled. I am so lucky. I love my people and she loves me even when I am bad.

Mom and Candy Crush

It has been a long time since I have written anything on my blog. It isn’t my fault. I have wanted to write something almost everyday, but my people always has the iPad. She is very selfish!

I don’t mind if she is reading. That’s not too bad. She can hold the iPad with just one hand and give me a love with the other hand. I still get some attention and that is very important.

It is the games that is the problem. Normally my people is pretty sensible and only plays for a short time, but that is before she discovered something called Candy Crush. She will spend hours playing the game only stopping when she runs out of lives. ( I thought people only had one life). Then as soon as it fills up with more lives she starts all over again.

Now the major problem with games is that it takes both hands to play a game. That means she can’t give me a love and cuddle. This is scary. Everyone knows that I am more important and need lots of attention.

I have did everything I can think of to make her stop. I have looked sad, climbed under the desk and pouted, tried to pull her arm away from the iPad, knocked the iPad out of her hand just to name a few. I finally convinced her that she was spending too much time playing the game and needed to delete it off the iPad. It is for her own good. However you can reinstall the game if you change your mind. My people has just deleted the game for the fifth time.

I am worried. She is addicted and it is not healthy. I might have to send her to a rehab. I don’t want to do this because I can’t be with her all the time at the rehab. I will just have to spend lots of time with her and give her lots of love. It will be rough, but I can do this. One day at a time.