Monthly Archives: February 2013

People are strange

I just don’t understand peoples at all. My people is sad tonight. She says that she is sad because she still doesn’t have all of her sign ons for work. ( I don’t know what sign ons are but it must be important ). My people says that she can’t do her job if she can’t sign on to the computer programs that they use at work. Personally I think if her work is dumb enough to be willing to pay her for not working that’s their problem. She says that it has been 2 1/2 months and she has something called work ethics. I hope it doesn’t make her sick.

People do and say strange things. We aren’t suppose to dig holes in the back yard. However Tristan’s peoples dug lots of holes and put trees and other plants in the holes. With four dogs we could have been great help.

People have these great treasure chests called trash cans and they fill them up with all kinds of treasures for us to find, but they get upset if we find them and pull out the treasures. However, they watch movies about treasure hunts and think they are funny.

People eat all kinds of good smelling food that they won’t share with us because it isn’t good for dogs. If it isn’t good for dogs why are they eating it? Dogs are healthier then people.

People think that they need to take a bath or shower every day. We dogs know bathes are evil and we don’t need one ever.

I could make a longer list that goes on forever but my people is still sad and needs some attention.

I’m back

See, I told you that my people is selfish and doesn’t share her IPad very often. I thought I could use her computer but it is too hard for me to open. I only weigh 7 pounds so I can’t even move it. Monday my people came home early ’cause she was sick. I thought ‘Oh good, she will take a nap and I can blog’ but no. She played on the iPad all day. The same thing last night. Tonight she had to go on the Internet and pay a bill. Do I care if she pays the house payment? No, I do not. Tristan is lucky because his people pays on the computer a lot so he can always get on the iPad and work on his blog.

My people isn’t selfish all the time. She will give me and the other dogs treats. Sometimes she will give us a small taste of her dinner. Some people thinks it is bad for dogs to have people food, but it is really good that we help her with her dinner since she wants to loose weight. I think she looks great myself but my people says she needs to get skinny. People are funny that way.

Tristan’s mommy and daddy have been working on the garden. They have bought a whole bunch of trees that need to be planted. Plus they are planting veggies that grow in cooler weather. Later they will plant veggies that only grow in warmer weather. All of us dogs have been helping and we are all exhausted.

Yesterday some people came over and helped Tristan’s people build some beds for the garden. We had to stay inside while they worked. My question is why does the garden need beds? And why can’t we sleep in them? After all, we worked so hard today.

A perfect day.

This turned out to be a great day. So much better then yesterday. After my people let us side to do our thing, I let her go back to bed. She was so tired that she slept until almost 11:00. Of course I got to cuddle with her while she slept.

When she got up for the day I cuddled with her most of the day.

Surviving the groomers

Well I am home safe and sound, but it was a long and terrible day. We arrived at 8:30 AM and didn’t get picked up until 4:00 PM.

It was awful. I had a bath, then they dried my hair so that they could brush my hair and cut it. The whole thing was a nightmare and I don’t want to talk about it.

Me after visiting the groomers.

Samantha after the groomers.


The groomers

My people has told me the terrible news. In fact she has mentioned it several time today. Tomorrow Samantha and I have to go to the groomers. Why? What have we done to deserve such punishment? Every six weeks she does this to us and I don’t understand. The groomers are just plain evil!

Samantha loves going to the groomers, but she is getting old. I think she has been getting groomed for so long that she has blocked the horror out. Oh, they seem nice enough when our mom takes us in to get groomed, but the minute she leaves the torture starts.

First, we are put into cages so we can’t escape. I have tried many times but they are locked.

Next they give you a bath. A bath! I have mentioned before that I hate baths. I growl and snarl and bite. Not to be mean, but just to make them understand how I feel. So what do they do? They put something called a muzzle over my nose and mouth so I can’t protect myself. Oh they are sooo evil!

After the bath they use this noisy, scary thing called a blow dryer to dry my hair. They wouldn’t need to do this if they hadn’t given me a bath. Then they comb my hair and cut it shorter.

Finally, my people comes to pick us up and take us home. Before she takes us home she gives the groomers money. Money! After everything that they did to Samantha and me. That is the final blow.

My cousin Tristan thinks that mailmen are evil, but they are nowhere near as bad as groomers. I think that they should all be arrested. Not all dogs have to go to the groomers. They are the lucky one.

Mom and rawhide chews

I am getting a little concerned about my people. She just asked me why I steal the other dogs rawhide chews. I have explained this to her numerous times. Now I realize that dogs have superior intelligence but……. Does anyone out there know of a class for people that I can enroll her in?

Mom and the IPad

It is hard for me to get to my blog sometimes because my people is selfish. She has the IPad all of the time. She even takes it to work so she can read during her breaks and lunch.. It isn’t fair. My cousin Tristan gets to use his dad’s IPad all the time because his dad is on the computer a lot. Oh, I just had a thought. I know where mom’s laptop is kept so tomorrow when she goes to work I can get on my blog.

Mom and cancer

My people came home and said she doesn’t have cancer anymore. I still don’t know what cancer is, but my people was happy so it must be a good thing.

Mom, cancer, and CT Scans

My people has been fighting something called cancer for several months. I don’t understand what cancer is, but I know that it’s a very bad thing and makes peoples very sick. My people had to go to the hospital several times for surgeries and was gone for a long time. I hate hospitals cause they hurt my people.

Then she went to the doctor’s office for something called chemo. She went every three weeks for several months it would make her really tired and sick. She lost most of her hair and made her really sad. Now she has pretend hair.

Last week my people went some place for a Cat Scan. I don’t understand why she had to go some place for the Cat Scan. We have several cats at our house that can scan her. I’m not sure what that means but I know our cats are good at scanning they are always sitting on the scanner and making it work.

Tomorrow my people is going to see the doctor to see if the cancer is all gone. I hope so because I hate for my people to be sick. My people says she is going to a movie to celebrate. I love my people and want her to be happy.

Rawhide chews

On Sundays my people gives us Rawhide Chews. We each get at least one chew. Our people thinks it is funny because we keep trading chews with each other. She doesn’t understand that we have to find just the right chew. I love my people, but sometimes she can be just a little dense. However, she is pretty smart for a people and has a great heart.


Tristan hogging the chews.